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Chas Parker Collars and Swivel Lock Down Handles


Collars are a replacement vise part known for wearing out or breaking.  I gathered Chas Parker patterns from several owners, and have been able to fabricate shiny new ones in various sizes. The best way to pick your collar is to measure the major diameter of the casting, the same diameter as the outside of the collar. This measurement gets you close. Then a measurement of the step to the center line of the threaded hole to assure a good fit. I add material to the two ears surrounding the inside of the collar, these two wings must be adjusted so the upper flat area and two wings touch evenly. This is required with every collar I make. These collars all have to be fit, no way around it. Every collar Parker used was hand fit during assembly. I note the diameters and shoulder to hole dimension in every listing. In the several pictures of each collar I add a drawing, compare those dimensions to your vise. Read my Blog I wrote on Parker Collars HERE   Please call with any questions.


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