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What Customers Say

What Customers Say


Kevin did wonderful work and I can only aspire to that level of craftsmanship. I hope in time I can add my own little successes here! -Mary, Current Machinist


Some of my customers have plenty to say...

 I just received my replacement jaws for my Prentiss Bull Dog 52-92 with the 4 1/8" jaws. They are awesome, fit perfectly, look great. I am so thrilled that I can get parts for a product whose manufacturer ceased doing business in 1948 (according to some sources). Thank you so much!

Rock Island 574 jaws. 2-28-18

Mr. Scott, 

I received the bench vise jaws in the mail yesterday (sooner than I had expected, thank you) and I felt that I needed to send you this email. I must commend you on your craftsmanship and quality. They were even better than I had expected. Fit and finish were perfect. Thank you for the extra hex head screw that you included. I am very grateful that you have taken the time to gather and machine the parts needed to restore these quality bench vise’s. I am looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future. 
                                        Best Regards, 

                                                - T.J....

Reed vice 

Posted by Vince on 29th Jan 2018

I purchased and could not be more happy. Vise looks like a work of art and is worth every penny. A piece of American history on your workbench


 1-6-17  Comment from Bryan on his Starrett 326 (6" jaws) he received.

got the products. great workmanship. perfect fit and attention to detail. thanks kevin happy new year


Hello  kevin, I have never been so pleased with a purchase in all my days!!!!!! you did an amazing job with the jaws for my cole vise. thanks so much i am sure that we will do bussiness in the future. the fit and finish was FLAWLESS  mark


Hi Kevin,
I unpacked the vise jaws today (I'm in the middle of moving), and I am incredibly impressed with the new jaws. They are absolutely fantastic and beautiful. I still need to restore my prentiss, but the new jaws do fit very well. Thank you again for making an awesome product.



Kevin, the vise jaws arrived yesterday and they are stunning.  Almost too good looking to use.  But I will find a way.  Haha.  Thank you for the prompt shipping.




Products: Prentiss 98 jaws, collar and thrust bearings

Posted by: Jeff J.

 I can’t recommend Kevin Scott and Mountain Products highly enough. To my knowledge no one else on the planet is doing this type of work and even if so, as others here have mentioned, there is absolutely no way they are matching his quality – it is seriously better than the original manufacturer! I initially called about getting new jaws, but that started a dialogue where I ultimately ended up getting several more parts to improve on the manufacturer’s original design. To be sure, I am not a machinist, and I took up a lot of Kevin’s time by asking silly questions so that I was sure I was getting the right materials. Not only did Kevin not seem to mind, he actually seemed to enjoy it! So not only are the parts out of this world, they come with some amazing customer service that you rarely find in this day and age. In the end, I have a HUGE smile on my face and a vise works better than new and is worth SIGNIFICANTLY more than it was – none of those things would have been possible without Kevin and Mountain Products, and I really look forward to working with him again. You will do yourself and your vise(s) a big favor by getting it touch with him!


"Just got some new jaws from Mr. Scott for my Reed 4C.... me so happy!
I know the old jaws had plenty of life left in them, but these give more clearance from the pipe jaws and also as much as I use this vise I really wanted to keep the original set intact.."   

Jason  Houston,TX


A quality product and great customer service

Product: Prentiss #21 and #94 (5-1/4 inch) Serrated Vise Jaws
Posted By: Joel

I purchased a pair of these jaws for a prentiss bulldog I was restoring. I cannot express in words the quality of these jaws. They are just as good if not better than the factory jaws because they are stainless steel. The jaws are slightly over sized so you can grind them to fit seamlessly to your vise. I would not hesitate to buy another pair and in fact I have been in contact with Kevin to make a pair for my Simplex 61p as I type this. Thanks for making these jaws kevin because there would be no other good alternative if you didn't. Thanks Joel M.


" Recieved my jaws for the Rock Island 574.  They fit perfect and look great."  Thanks, Don


When only the best will do!


Posted by Mark  on 26th May 2015


I appreciate the old days. Times when manufacturers cared about the quality of the items they produced. These manufacturers built their products to last. Planned obsolescence was not in their thinking processes. Most of these manufacturers have fallen by the wayside as we have changed the way we purchase, quality is now second to price. Cheap Chinese products are now the "norm".

The old vises that Kevin saves are too important to let someone cast aside. They represent American quality at its finest.
When Kevin restores a vise it functions better than the day it left the factory. Jaws are square and plumb, and heat treated! Main screws turn with minimal effort, one finger will easily spin the jaws open or closed. You can see that Kevin cares, it's more than a job to him. His name is backing it up and he makes sure it's right before it leaves his shop.

Hollands vises are not one I normally collect, but I couldn't pass on this one!

Kevin thanks again for your great craftsmanship. Thanks to you my "new" Hollands vise will be passed on to future generations.



Posted by Tom  on 16th July 2015


I just received my jaws today. You did a really nice job and I am very happy with them. I have always admired great craftsmanship, especially with machine work.
The only problem is that the jaws look so nice and pristine, I am going to be hesitant to use them. I'll just have to get over it.
Thanks for working with me on this project. I hope you can sell some more 593's now.





 I got the vice jaws a while back and the guys have had them for about a month. They look great and everyone is pleased with their performance. Thank you so much for supplying a quality product that not even the OEM could compete with!



Kevin,  Purchased my Parker 229x.

It's so beautiful. You do amazing work. That vise and the other Chas Parker are the show pieces in my workshop. Thank you so much. Fred



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