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Replacement Handles for Bench Vises

Custom Handles made to fit your particular vise. Sizes range from 3/8 to 1-1/4 inch diameter and larger. Handles come with unique knobs.  Send me a picture of your original handle, let me know the diameter, and I will match it as closely as I can. 

Your handle will be shipped with one knob end attached and finished so you can heat and peen the other end once it is installed on your spindle. If you prefer that I do it, then I just ask that you clean the paint and other crud off your spindle before mailing it to me. I charge an extra $20 for that service because I honestly do not want to do it.  If you need me to bore out the handle support to the next size handle, then I will charge an extra $20 for the labor and machine time. I will create a special listing and send you a link (don't worry, it's easy).

Also if you want a handle knob at 1-1/2 - 1-3/4 diameter then I will charge another $20, for a 2" I charge $25.  I custom make the knobs and large knobs take more time and materials to build.

If the handle is over 9" long, it needs to be shipped in a bigger box.  The higher shipping costs are paid by the customer.  If I am mailing back a spindle and handle that does not fit in Large Flat Rate box then I usually make a custom box and always pack the spindle securely.  I've done this for a while, and have figured out the best and safest packing. These are shipped through UPS and usually start at $25. I will include the specific amount in a special listing for this custom product, and I will cover any additional shipping supplies and packing material. 

Handle length is your choice; just let me know. I will ask for a vise model number and send you a drawing of the finished product before I begin. Each handle is individually made and unique, so please give me a week to fabricate.  I really like working with my customers, and I appreciate their understanding for the fluid pricing required for such a customized service.  The point is to make it fair for both of us.

If you are interested in building your own handles then maybe this blog can show you one way. For the persons that purchased my handle and want to see how I peen the knobs on then look HERE.

Also, here is a link to the steel type I use, if you are interested:  CLICK HERE

Questions?  Contact Kevin:  mountainproduct@gmail.com

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